The Always Be Closing Mindset

What does it mean to “always be closing?” Learning a new skill to achieve what you thought wasn’t possible. That’s closing. Finishing your education. That’s closing. Anything that makes you look back and say “wow, I’m proud of myself” or “look at what I’ve accomplished”…that’s closing.

In this blog I’ll discuss a range of topics that I find interesting, but with the purpose of finding a strategy that will help you succeed:

Financial Cents is about, you guessed it, financial sense! Budgeting, debt management, investments, amortization schedules, retirement, and much more!

Land That Job is about making yourself the best possible candidate for an open position or promotion. Topics include: resumes, cover letters, networking, LinkedIn, and both job & interviewing skills.

Aviation Nation is all about the aerospace industry, whether you’re looking to get a job in aviation, are curious or passionate about aviation, or you’re just bored…look up it’s a plane!

Travel the World is my favorite, nothing opens your mind quite like traveling to somewhere you’ve never been before. We’ll discuss travel ideas, travel taken, getting through airports, making travel affordable, and anything else to get you going.

I’m a big fan of your hidden talent and ability to surprise yourself and those around you in a positive manner. My main “taglines” are: it’s never too late for an education…on the way to the top, bring everyone you can…there’s always room to improve…be entrepreneurial…stay curious…and of course, ALWAYS BE CLOSING.