What is an OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer which basically means the people that built the part. There are many OEMs out there but we’ll focus on the ones that drive our industry. Here are a few you should get to know:

– General Electric
– CFM International
– Safran
– Pratt & Whitney
– Boeing
– Airbus
– Embraer
– Honeywell
– Rockwell Collins
– UTC Aerospace Systems
– Liebherr
– Meggitt

There are countless others that make up the internal systems of an airplane. OEMs are important because they build the sub-systems that make up the “guts” of an airplane. For example, take a Boeing 737-800, one of the most popular selling planes in the world. Do you think Boeing makes the whole airplane from scratch? I used to when I was little, but we’re not little anymore. The actual tube, called a fuselage, is made by Spirit Aerosystems. Engines are built by CFM International, tires, brakes, slides, windows, seats, toilets…all come together for the big a dance that is making a B737. Here’s a pretty great video about how the plane is actually built:

So the next someone asks, what is an OEM? Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEMs closed.