Travel the World!

What does Travel have to do with ABC? Besides education, I think travel is the best way to open your mindset to new ideas and meet people that completely change your perspective on life. I was recently asked, “if I won the lotto tomorrow, what would you be doing?” My first thought was, well, it depends on how much I won. Let’s say I won enough to do whatever I wanted for the rest of my life…what would I do? Aside from the obvious answer <spend more time with family>, next on the list is travel. I truly believe that you’re making it if you’re making it around the world. For there are no greater lessons in life than those you learn when you go abroad. When I hear someone has never been outside of <insert home country here> I think to myself, GET OUT! Literally, get out of the country and go explore. It’s like you’re learning to walk and talk all over again…talk especially if you go somewhere they don’t speak your native tongue. You learn how different people really are, yet still share many of the same values you do. Stereotypes are usually laid to rest, you connect with people outside of the internet, you learn how others think and act and feel, and why they do so. But in order to do that you need to actually go to another country and experience it for yourself. I’m not talking one of these trips where you get off the plane, go to a resort, then get back on the plane. NO. You need to get an AirBnB or something and get out among the locals (use common sense here obviously, don’t go mingle in Iraq). Get some local cuisine, try the local beer, have a conversation with a complete stranger…TRUST ME it will change your life forever (in a good way of course).

Now some of you may be thinking, but I don’t have money to go jet setting around the world ABC. True. Travel can be expensive and seem like a far off thing to do. But guess what? You can do it on the cheap. Save up for a year or two, plan ahead, and go. Don’t think about it, just go. Why are you still reading this? Go! Seriously though, if it seems intimidating, expensive, too foreign, don’t worry, that’s what this blog is for…to help navigate some of these challenges so you can close on going abroad. I’ll share some of my travel experiences I’ve had along the way, and Mrs. ABC’s secrets to making it affordable (she’s the smart one in all this).

Start thinking about where you want to go. Just daydream a little. DON’T GOOGLE IT. Do I want to go to Mexico and see what real Mexican food is all about? Do I want to go to Grand Cayman and snorkel with all the undersea life? Do I want to go to Chile and sample some of the finest wines in the world. Do I want to go to France and have a Fry. Do I want to go to China and visit the Great Wall? The answer is “yes” my friends…to all of them. Now go close on some travel.