Resume Writing Services


Our mission is to help you create your very best first impression when applying for a new job. This first impression is your resume, and is the first time a company “sees” you in the mix of applicants. You wouldn’t go to a job interview in your pajamas, so you need to “dress up” your resume to stand out among tens, hundreds, or even thousands of potential applicants. We accomplish this mission by offering affordable, high quality resume services that are tailored to each individual. We have different levels of service, from a basic grammar, spelling, and format checks, to a complete re-writes with personal sessions to ensure we maximize the sale of your brand.

At SIB Resumes, we guarantee that your first impression will be your best foot forward. As an industry professional with over 10 years of corporate experience, my resume has seen me employed by three different companies, including two on the Fortune 500. While experience, job description, and education play crucial roles, resumes are the first step to applying for a job. Without proper spelling, grammar, format, key phrases, impact words, and proper timelines, your resume could be the reason a company has not even given you the opportunity to interview.

We are a start-up on a mission to help people, our pricing is very competitive and we let your individual needs guide what we do. Give yourself the best chance to land an interview, land a job, or land a new career. The choice is yours, the time is now! Email us for more information, pricing, and a description of services we can provide today.